How many levels in toon blast?

Now toon blast can be a very addictive application, but can make you think that when this game ever going end. Now every time, you beat a level, there is the beginning of new level, so might think that is there any end to this? well this article, will talk about this and clear all your doubts.

After recent survey it has been found that the game has 2300. This statement was released by peak games in their official website. In addition, reddit users expresses confusion in this statement because in this game levels are added every week. toon blast hack

Champions league
Now there are times players have to wait for the game to add new levels. In such scenario, the game will provide you an option to play champions league. Now it has to realized that champions; league is a platform where you will meet players, who have beaten other levels too.

Now there are times when the player will be the first one to enter the champions league, at this moment the player can get more rewards.

Latest blockbuster
Toon blast is a gaming that is gaining popularity as the times goes by. It has recently hit the Google store and Apple store and people are being additive to its gameplay. Here the blocks and grouped together in different colors, so you need to break the blocks and pair them according to their color.

Now it has to be noted that are plenty of blocks that are available and which can be broken using powers and special items. Now if you are in the mood to blast through the levels of toon blast and gain maximum number of chests then you have come to the right place.

Addictive gameplay
It is quite surprise to know that when mobile puzzler named Toon blast showed in Apple and google play app stores it took it by storm within a matter of time. This puzzle dynamics has its own unique challenges as well as playing them is super a fun, as it has a support of the morning cartoon theme.

It has been observed in recent playing that players are having trouble through levels in Toon blast without the help of cheat guides and codes. So , there are many websites that puts together a cheat guide of tips and tricks for chasing more levels and also getting more lives last longer.

This game is so attractive that few people are in the desperate need of to use some kind of phone cheat or hack cheats for unlimited lives. Later it was found several right ways to get more lives in the game. It was known to everybody that similar type of games captivated by giving offer to different splashy and colourful puzzles.

If the things suddenly deactivated nevertheless to mention it could be frustrating when it could not be reached on certain level of improvising. So ultimately toon blast made a cheat’s guide that will aspire the present and future adherence. Here This game known as Coin generator. So toon blast is something that you don’t want to miss at all cost

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